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Australia’s natural beauty is currently under threat.  Plastic shopping bags are now becoming a major environmental concern in our country as well as many others.  These unwanted eyesores have blocked drains and have even caused floods in some countries and even resulting in the loss of life.  In some places you can see these bags flying high in trees and hanging on fences, creating serious visual pollution.  What is the answer?  Simple.  Reduce your waste by using a reusable bag such as Tote Bags. 

From an environmental point of view, plastic bags take hundreds of years to break down.  Landfills are contaminated with millions of plastic bags causing threats to wildlife and waterways.  These areas also produce high level of toxic gas emissions which are usually burnt off into the atmosphere producing high levels of green house gases.  Australia is just one of the many countries taking positive action to tackle this huge problem.  New material such as “Bio Plastics” is also being commercially introduced.  In many areas throughout Australia, you will find some towns declaring themselves plastic bag free.  Retailers in stores such as supermarkets are banning these at the checkout and introducing more earth friendly Shopping Bags for people to choose from. 

Are There Alternatives?

There are a growing number of suitable reusable bags now on the market in Australia.  These include Green Bags made from non-woven polypropylene.  Many stores including supermarkets now stock these great alternatives to plastic bags.  These bags have easy to use handles and carry the same volume as three to four plastic shopping bags.  Cloth or Calico Bags made from materials such as raw or organic cotton is also becoming a shopping bag alternative.  These bags are light, reusable and have large volumes inside, which are very popular in organizations and markets.  Jute Bags, which are made from Jute of some of the strongest fibers known to man, have also become very popular with many organizations such as councils and schools.   Jute fibers consist mainly of plant materials and are one of the economical natural fibers to produce second to cotton.

We give you the options for your Eco Bags, you make the choices.  From Calico to Tote Bags, Non Woven Polypropylene, PET to Jute, we have the perfect Green Bags for you to choose for at the best possible prices.  All of our Enviro Bag range can be printed or decorated to your requirements, giving your company name or logo the recognition that it deserves.  Our printed shopping bags are a great way for you to get your name noticed in your target market.

Also consider our great range of Cooler Bags, which is a great reusable enviro bag for the outdoors.  We also provide options for Travel Bags too which can be an important part of your sustainable travel needs.

If you are thinking of your team or event consider our Sports Bags range which are made from a wide range of materials.  Are you an Australian Government, Educational, Council, or Corporate Company looking to reduce your carbon footprint in Australia?  Net 30 day terms are granted immediately!!


Are you looking for a preferred Envio Bags supplier in your area?  We supply a large range of Enviro Bags to the following areas:  Enviro Bags in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.  Our dispatch warehouses are located throughout Australia which can save you $$$ on your next orders and faster turnaround times. 


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